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Introduction to Starters

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Starter characteristics

P11C engine deceleration starter has the following salient features:

① power output structure is divided into two parts of the armature shaft and drive shaft. Armature shaft bearing with ball bearings at both ends of the load distribution, the use of a long time, not easy to wear, the armature is shorter, less prone to armature axis bending, wear and tear of the field winding situation.

② using a deceleration device between the rotor and the starting gear is equipped with a reduction gear, starting motor to the starting gear torque will increase. The electromagnetic switch is used so that the power output of the bearing motor (after the reduction gear) is the starting gear and the starting gear shaft, and the engaging portion is not moved. The output power of small starter, often using external meshing, the output power of the starter with internal meshing mode.

③ deceleration starter using electromagnetic switch control, and some with auxiliary switch (or vice switch). Its role is to prevent the burnout of electromagnetic switches and switches (starter) switch. Grading the power, greatly reducing the possibility of starter damage, thereby extending the life of the starter.

④ Reducer starter size and weight is about half of the traditional starter, saving raw materials, disassembly and repair at the same time is very convenient.

⑤ deceleration starter pole number and the traditional starter, but the magnetic field coil winding often use a number of small wire series method, the armature winding around the law, although with the traditional principle of the same, but the manufacturing process is advanced.


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