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Carefully car care into misunderstanding

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Car owners for their own car will love a plus, regular maintenance, but we are in the maintenance process, inadvertently will fall into misunderstanding, the results will often be counterproductive.

Misunderstanding one: three filters together for a lot of owners of the car once the idle speed problems, immediately went to the 4S shop replacement of the three filters that the filter as long as the three clean, the car ran up there is no problem. Some 4S shop maintenance personnel, in order to earn more hours of work, but also willing to accept the owner of such a request, the three filter at the same time replacement. In fact, the car does not need to replace the three filters together, because from a professional point of view, the gasoline filter is generally 30,000 km replacement, when the oil filter in the 5000 km replacement, and air filters can be 10,000 km When the replacement, if the replacement is a waste.

Misunderstanding 2: oil dissatisfaction does not give up, many owners will worry about the new car oil is not enough, all the oil together to go in, but for some time down, the new car began to burn oil. In fact, this is because the oil is too full of reasons. So we recommend the owner to add oil, be sure to engine oil ruler on the scale shall prevail.

Misunderstanding 3: Frequent waxing does not stop, many car owners like to often waxing, that this will not afraid of acid rain and snow, but also allows paint dazzling, does not know frequent waxing will bring great harm to the car. In fact, wax is indeed beneficial to the maintenance and repair of the car, but frequent waxing paint will bring harm, because some car wax contains alkaline substances, prolonged use will make the body change Ukraine.

Owners want to maintain a good car we can understand the feelings, but we must pay attention to maintenance, not only because of improper maintenance can not maintain the car, but also may damage the car.


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