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Car starter failure and starter idling failure causes

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Phenomenon: After the starter switch is turned on, the starter of the car starter is faulty and the engine cranking does not turn. This symptom indicates that the starter circuit is unblocked, the fault lies in the starter's transmission and flywheel ring gear.


1. When the starter switch is turned on, the starter rotates at high speed and the engine crankshaft does not react. This phenomenon indicates that the fault occurred in the starter's transmission mechanism, which may be caused by transmission gear or one-way clutch wear.

2. The starter does not work and the drive gear does not rotate. There are many reasons for this phenomenon, such as power line problems, starting switch contact plate ablation and the engine resistance is too large and so on.

3. starter power output is insufficient, can not drive the crankshaft. Excitation coil short-circuit and battery power loss can cause starter power shortage.

4. Starter operation sound harsh. This may be a one-way clutch stuck or improper installation of the starter caused.

5. The starter switch has a "blah" sound, but does not work. Keep the coil broken or serious battery power loss will lead to this phenomenon.

6. Some starter gears with a planetary gear reducer, its compact structure, transmission ratio, high efficiency. But the use of the load will often appear too large and burned stuck. Some use friction plate clutch, if the compression spring damage, spline corrosion and friction clutch slip, will also cause the starter idling.


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